What to drink whilst reading Animal Farm

November 13, 2016


Orwell's Animal Farm might be a dystopian warning of the dangers of communism, but that's no reason to forgo an accompanying beverage.


Orwell unites man and beast in their drinking of whiskey and, more regularly, beer.


Combine both by picking up Innis and Gunn's Irish Whiskey Finish Beer. Innis and Gunn are known for smooth, easy drinking beers and this one gives you an opportunity to see how Old Major and Mr Jones enjoyed their drinks.


If you don't want to combine the two, find your favourite whiskey, pour it into a tumbler that you can roll in your hand as you discuss the revolution, and curl up in your best armchair.


If opting for beer, find your local brewery and show them support. For true Orwellian authenticity, serve it in a mug and be sure to slosh a little as you slam it on the table in fervent debate.



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