What to drink whilst reading Alice in Wonderland

November 18, 2016


There are many options for a drink to accompany Alice in Wonderland - a simple cup of tea at the Mad Hatter's table; your favourite spirit hidden in a bottle with a 'Drink Me' label; a shot of absinthe to conjure up the Caterpillar.


But I say upgrade the poor flamingos from their role of croquet mallets and read an illustrated version whilst sipping a Pink Flamingo.


There are lots of recipes out there with this name, but I just love Chambord so I've picked one centred around the purple liqueur. Not only do you get the delicious 'black raspberry' flavour, but you get a bottle fit for perfume to marvel at too.


Simply mix over ice:


20ml Chambord

35ml Vodka

6 mint leaves

3 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice


Top up with cloudy apple juice and finish with a slice of apple. Sip to your hearts' content, fall down the rabbit hole and indulge in a real Sunday afternoon classic.



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