What to drink whilst reading Agatha Raisin and The Quiche of Death

March 12, 2017



I am a huge fan of the Agatha Raisin series, especially in audiobook form as there is something incredibly soothing about hearing them read by Penelope Keith.


For this first installment, or indeed many of the others, the best tipple would have to be a gin and tonic. This is nearly always what Agatha orders and although a gin is never specified I feel sure it would be one of the classics - a Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray. This first foray into the world of crime solving leads Agatha to many glasses of gin, as she is accused of the murder herself! Determined to find a solution to the crime and clear her name, she embarks on all sorts of escapades and romps through a number of Cotswold villages along the way.


If you're after something a little more unusual, I think a drop of sherry, especially a dry amontillado,  would go down well with this particular murder mystery.

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