What to drink whilst reading Bossypants

July 4, 2017

Yesterday I mentioned that I am absolutely obsessed with autobiographies of hilarious women. Just to show you some of that obsession, today I'm blogging about another one. Don't expect it to be the last.



Bossypants by Tina Fey is an insight into the male dominated TV world. It's a manual for female friendship and support. It's about crying if you're mad enough to just cry, whilst knowing that you are an absolute boss and cannot be stopped.


This book is hilarious and poignant and everything in between and I just cannot recommend it enough. I highly recommend this as an audiobook, which I know might sound like a broken record but there we go, especially as Fey has taken the time to have recordings embedded within the book. When she talks about the Sarah Palin sketch, it plays you the Sarah Palin sketch. That is an attention to detail and level of care that I love in any book, but especially an audiobook.


It's an absolute pet peeve of mine when people call women, especially young women, "bossy" as an insult. Yeah, I'm bossy. I'm boss-y. I'm like the boss. Boss-ish. That sounds about right to me. The fact that it's used as an insult - and such a gendered insult - is baffling and infuriating to me.


Read Bossypants today and embrace your boss-ness. I'm recommending it with a red ale. As I drank the Meantime Yakima Red at the weekend and it made me go both oooh and ahhh then that's the one for me.


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