What to drink whilst reading Dear Fatty

July 13, 2017


I said it wouldn't be the last time when I posted about Bossypants and Bonkers and here I am again with a book by a hilarious woman. Dear Fatty is Dawn French's autobiography and is written as a series of letters to various people in Dawn's life. 


I listened to this, as with so many other books, as an audiobook. It opens with Dawn introducing the book and explaining that because of some of the more emotional sections, Liza Tarbuck will read the book. This is an impeccable choice and the amount of tears I shed listening completely explain Dawn's choice. 


Don't get me wrong, there are many, many funny moments in this book. True, snorting laugh funny moments. But there is also raw poignancy and vulnerability with a dose of wise life advice for getting confident and staying that way.


If you're curling up with this book on a rainy evening, then I would definitely recommend a super luxurious hot chocolate. The best quality chocolate melted into velvety warm milk, with your favourite choice of toppings. Geraldine Granger would surely approve.


If, however, you're reading outside on a sunny evening and want a more flamboyant tipple a la French and Saunders then I say go for a fruity pear bellini. Simply pour a little pear juice into a champagne flute and top with prosecco for a sweet sparkler or cava if you like things a little more dry. Add your preferred accoutrements (sparklers, unicorns on sticks, a slice of pear if you're feeling super classy). Slurp and laugh the night away.


Did you try the pairing? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! What would you like me to post about next?





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