What to drink whilst reading Cider with Rosie

July 16, 2017

I've been asking my Instagram followers what I should post about next and I now have a nice big list of things to work on and share with you. 


I'm starting with @giulio_uk's request that as I am from the Cotswolds I post about Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee. Laurie Lee was brought up in the beautiful village of Slad and was heavily inspired by the natural landscapes and village life in his writing.


Cider with Rosie is an account of his childhood which gives an insight into country life after the First World War. It also let us in on the early flickers of romance that start to fire up in adolescence.



Of course the obvious drink pairing for this would, in fact, be cider. Laurie drinks it with Rosie underneath a hay wagon and you could certainly be sipping whilst reading. 




 If this is your choice, I have one favourite to recommend...


Bee Sting is in fact a pear cider, but I hope you'll indulge me. It actually tastes like honey and is dangerously easy drinking. The perfect thing for a summer afternoon and the drink I will always make a 'beeline' for at festivals. 


If you're after something more traditional, head for a cloudy cider like Addlestones (which you see in the picture) or Old Rosie. Even better, head for your local pub and drink something that has been brewed nearby. That's certainly how Laurie would have wanted it. 



Cider might be the obvious choice but as this is a book to be enjoyed outside with a sunny blue sky, I can think of no better drink than a delicious prosecco. Preferably out of the bottle. 


One of my personal favourites is the La Marca Cuvée which has plenty of sugar, peachiness and a distinctive flavour that sets it apart from lots of the prosecco currently on offer. 


Make sure that you head outside as Cider with Rosie just isn't the same without the smell of grass underfoot.


Did you try the pairing? Let me know on Facebook, Twittter or Instagram! Follow me for regular updates and pictures.


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