What to drink whilst reading What Katy Did

August 4, 2017


What Katy Did was one of my absolute favourite books when I was little. Just as Katy is recovering, Susan Coolidge's classic was always what I returned to when I was poorly and at home from school. 


I really wanted to show you all my beautiful old copy of this book as it's one of my favourites from my bookshelf! It has both What Katy Did and What Katy Did at School inside.



It follows Katy learning how to be patient and kind and I've always associated it with The Secret Garden because of the similarities between Katy and Mary Lennox. 


I like to imagine that grown up Katy would be super grateful and lovely but that she would also have kept a little of her wild side and would be a fun woman to get a gin with. 



Considering that I'm sure she would love to spend some time outside I'm recommending gin mixed with a rose lemonade. I have actually seen a pre-mixed version of Bloom Gin with Fentimans Rose Lemonade available in the supermarkets which might be a great shortcut, especially if you're off on a picnic with your book.



Otherwise, there are a variety of rose lemonades out there - combine one with your favourite gin. You might want to opt for something floral like Bloom, Silent Pool or Gin Mare. For something less punchy, you can't go wrong with something classic and smooth like Bombay Sapphire White or the Majestic Definition gin.



Did you try the pairing? Do you have a request? Let me know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.






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