What to drink whilst reading Yes Please

August 8, 2017

Today I am collaborating with the absolutely incredible Rhonda, The Margarita Mum, to bring you a very exciting drinks pairing. 



Yes Please is funny lady Amy Poehler's memoir and you'll know if you've read my posts before that I listened to this as an audiobook. I am absolutely obsessed with audiobooks especially if they are autobiographical and read by the author themselves. Poehler's audiobook is in fact so enjoyable that it was nominated for a Grammy!


The book is almost a companion to Bossypants by Poehler's long-time collaborator Tina Fey, as they both discuss their friendship and lives in comedy. Poehler is refreshingly honest about her experiences, personal flaws and how she overcomes these in times of need. She doesn't gossip or discuss her marriage with Will Arnett because she respects the privacy of their experience, which I really appreciated. 


The stories that she does tell, though, made me howl with laughter and occasionally sob a little - mostly because I cry when I'm happy as well as when I'm sad! Amy Poehler really is the poster girl for being kind, sending good into the world, and apologising when you messed up.


With all of the laughs you're going to have whilst reading in mind, I knew that this book needed a fun, fruity drink to accompany it. This book would be especially fun for a book group and so I wanted something that would get the stories flowing and make for a raucous evening. Having drunk a little too much when I was 20, to the point where I am still living down the stories now, I knew that tequila was the drink for this book!


That's where The Margarita Mum stepped in. She has created us a delicious Blueberry Please Margarita that is sure to liven up your reading.

Blueberry Please Margarita




30mls Casamigos Reposado tequila 
15mls Cointreau
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
30mls freshly squeezed lime juice.
4 mint leaves

I mixed all the ingredients together along with some ice in a blender on high speed for 1 minute. Rim your favourite cocktail glass with Salty Paloma ‘Heartbreaker’. Double strain when pouring the margarita.

Result: Tart, Sour and Tangy...it really packs a punch!


Rhonda's work absolutely blows me away and she is a joy to work with - please check out her website, Instagram and Facebook and show your appreciation!


Did you try the pairing? Use #toastingbooks and let us know on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!


Recipe and drinks photos with kind permission of The Margarita Mum




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