Toasting Books Club | October | Commonwealth by Ann Patchett | Part II

October 14, 2017


Last week's post focused on what the characters were drinking: gin and juice. 


In the second part of Commonwealth, though, it becomes all about the whiskey. In the dark of a hotel bar, the pours keep coming. Now I have to admit that I am not a whiskey fan. I've tried. I so want to be the kind of woman who swirls a glass of whiskey; it's just not for me. But if it's your thing then you are going to crave a glass whilst reading Commonwealth. Go ahead and pour yourself one.


If, like me, you haven't yet picked up a taste for a smoky whiskey, then I have a couple of other recommendations. Much of these chapters focuses on the characters' relationships with home and, in particular, the state of Virginia. I had the pleasure of tasting lots of Virginia wines earlier this year. It's really a developing wine region with more wineries opening all the time. We went to Rockbridge Vineyards and I loved so many of their wines. My reading recommendation, though, is the Tuscarora White. This is a vidal blanc with a clean, slightly sweet, long finish. Super refreshing, like a lemon sorbet on an overly hot day. 

In the spirit of recommending a product of Virginia, my non-alcoholic choice is apple-grape juice. Extra points if it's in a juice box; I drank a lot of these while hiking in Virginia. 


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