What to drink whilst reading The Electric Michelangelo

November 13, 2017


The Electric Michelangelo is an absolute pleasure to read. It's a carnival of a story set on Coney Island. It explores pain, intimacy and the American dream on a Victorian boardwalk. 


When picking a drink for The Electric Michelangelo I couldn't stop thinking that it needed to have a maraschino cherry!

With this in mind, I picked an Aviation cocktail. I drank this particular version at Lake Effect in Salt Lake City. This was absolutely delicious!


It was a tangy, sweet, marzipan-y marvel... with a cherry on a stick!


You can make your own by shaking 8 parts gin, 1 part Creme Yvette, 3 parts lemon juice and 2 parts maraschino liqueur with ice. Strain into a glass. Certainly add a cherry!



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