What to drink whilst reading Men without Women

January 8, 2018


 Men without Women is a collection of short stories by Murakami. As you can guess from the title, most of the stories focus on the stories of men when women are absent from their lives for some reason. 


Like most Murakami books, this one really taps into the human condition. Each story leaves you wondering what happened next or why the characters were in certain situations. It's a contemplative book to be enjoyed in quiet moments. I read part of it whilst out for a delicious dinner on my own with a glass of wine. 


I'm recommending a red wine for this book because I think it's the ideal cosy drink for an evening of thinking over a book. 



A great choice would be this organic merlot. I absolutely love merlot; it's one of my go-to choices for a red. This one is smooth with lots of dark fruit. I grabbed this one in Waitrose


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