What to drink whilst reading Storyland Cross Stitch

November 29, 2017


This is a little bit more of an unusual post as I usually stick to literature. However, I am a huge fan of crafting and I absolutely adore this book so I had to share it with you today.


I was given this, as a gift, by my lovely Mum. I finally got around to starting to stitch something from it earlier this year. It is full of projects ranging from small bookmarks to a huge sampler. Each is categorised by how long it should take and contains a detailed list of the materials needed. I can be a real fiend for trying to 'make do' with what I've got at home but when you actually want the project to look like it does in the book, you really need to get the right materials!


I've started an ivy leaf cross stitch that's just a silhouette, almost like a Victorian cameo, that I can't wait to finish. 


This isn't a book that need a boozy accompaniment, but something suitable for an afternoon curled up with your sewing. I'm recommending the Whittard's Afternoon Tea

for this. It's an absolutely incredible blend of black tea, oolong tea and jasmine-scented green tea. It's flavoured with bergamot and pink and white petals. If you love Earl Grey, you will definitely love this tea. It feels a little more elegant than your average cup of tea. 


What are you favourite crafting books? Let me know in the comments!

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