What to drink whilst reading The Inheritance of Loss

June 20, 2017


When I was handed a glass of the Valle Antigua Sauvignon Blanc last week and asked "what book would you pair this with?" I instantly thought "somewhere in the mountains or the jungle".


This is one of those pairings that started with a wine and then made it to the book. I was looking over my bookshelf and it struck me - the 2006 Man Booker Prize The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai.



The Sauvignon Blanc is particularly light. I sometimes find Sauvignon Blanc too floral, fruity or overpowering, but this Chilean bottle is light, crisp and fresh. It has the hint of green apples and the juice of your first bite into one. There's also plenty of melon and citrus flavours to light up your taste buds.


The Inheritance of Loss weaves the tales of two characters together and explores identity and heritage in a beautiful, slow novel that will transport you to the mountains. Sip the invigorating Valle Antigua wine and you'll get there just a little bit quicker.


Did you try the pairing? Tweet me your pics at @toastingbooks or show me them on Instagram @toastingbooks #toastingbooks

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