What to drink whilst reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

February 6, 2018


The book


Harry's about to learn about some secrets from his past. There's a Hippogriff and Hermione throws a punch. The gang get to go to Hogsmeade!




The toast


Butterbeer, of course!


There are loads of recipes out there for this but I tried a few to get as close as possible to the taste of the one at The Wizarding World. That one has a kind of magical fizz, which this doesn't quite achieve, but it's still good! It's very very sweet, so you might want to serve it in shot glasses like mini pints!

For the base:


Mix cream soda with butterscotch syrup until it tastes of butterscotch.

For the topping:

Mix marshmallow fluff with a little hot water and butterscotch syrup until it has a foamy consistency. 

Put the base in the glass and then carefully spoon on the topping. Mine actually separated more after this photo so it looked even more like the real thing.

You could use a shot butterscotch schnapps or vodka if you want to make this a real cocktail.


Please drink responsibly.

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